No open borders for workers from Bulgaria and Romania

The Netherlands will not open its borders to Bulgarian and Romanian job seekers before 1 January 2014. As long as unemployment continues to rise and recession looms in the Netherlands, the government will not admit workers from those countries.

Employment minister Henk Kamp has written to the House of Representatives announcing this decision, which has been approved by the Cabinet. The government will inform the European Commission by 31 December 2011.

The government also finds it undesirable that 500,000 Dutch residents capable of working are receiving benefits while the market sector is attracting more and more migrant workers.

Number of migrants

The number of migrants to the Netherlands from Central and Eastern Europe has been greater than expected. It is estimated at between 28,600 and 32,500. In addition to benefits, labour migration also brings problems.

The government is already busy tackling the problems caused by the large flow of migrants. Therefore, the Netherlands cannot allow further labour migrants into the Netherlands at this time.