Minister Leers: labour migrants from within the European Union should integrate

'People from other parts of the World are legally required to learn the language and customs when they migrate to the Netherlands. Citizens of the European Union migrating within the EU are exempted from this obligation but the need to integrate is no less. We strongly urge them to take their responsibility in this'.

This message was delivered by the minister of Immigration, Integration and Asylum, Gert Leers at a conference about labour migration within the EU organized by Germany and The Netherlands. Minister Leers and his German colleague Friedrich want to put the issue of the integration of EU labour migrant on the European agenda.

'For the First time the immigration of European migrants in The Netherlands is equal to the migration from outside the EU' said Mr Leers. 'The Netherlands have profited from the freedom of movement within Europe. We expect that to continue. We should however also see the friction and tensions when many newcomers settle in vulnerable neighbourhoods or when EU citizens remain detached from Dutch society. Real problems demand a realistic approach'.