Permit for foreign employee still only valid for one year

As from next year it will become less easy for employers to hire employees from outside the European Union. 

For example, a work permit for non-EU nationals will only be valid for one year from now on and a permit can be refused when an employer has been convicted for violating labour legislation in the past, such as the Working Conditions Act.

On the proposal of state secretary De Krom of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment the cabinet has agreed with the legislative proposal to tighten up the Foreign Nationals Employment Act.

The cabinet thinks that it is undesirable that employees from outside the European Union are employed, while there are still half a million persons with a benefit in the Netherlands who can work. The conditions for a permit for foreign employees will therefore be tightened up. As from next year the law stipulates that employers have to pay wages that are in line with the market. When employers in a sector do not make a sufficient effort to find Dutch employees or employees from inside the European Union, the minister can set a quota for this sector. Moreover, an employee from outside the European Union can only start work without a permit after having worked in the Netherlands for five years. Now this period is three years.