More feedback for candidates who fail Spoken Dutch Test

From 1 July 2013, civic integration candidates who fail the Spoken Dutch Test (TGN) will be given more feedback to help them prepare more thoroughly for the resit exam.

The Spoken Dutch Test is compulsory for candidates taking the civic integration examination abroad (level 1) and in the Netherlands (level 2). As of 1 July 2013, in addition to their overall result, unsuccessful candidates will also receive their marks for each of the four test components: vocabulary, sentence structure, fluency and pronunciation.

Candidates for the civic integration examination abroad can find more information at Go to Preparation / Tips.
Candidates preparing for the exam in the Netherlands can find out more about the fluency aspect of the Spoken Dutch Test at Go to Exams / Practising for exams. In addition to a sample exam, the website provides practical tips on how to prepare for the test.
Some candidates for the civic integration examination abroad may receive their results on the same day as the exam. Others will be sent a letter informing them of the overall result and showing the breakdown of marks for the four test components no later than one month after the exam. By this autumn, all candidates should receive their overall result and marks sheet within a week.

Candidates who resit the fluency component of the Spoken Dutch Test as part of the civic integration examination in the Netherlands will receive their results within four weeks of the exam date.