OECD report on the job market for older workers sent to Parliament

On 16 April Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Asscher presented the report ‘Ageing and Employment Policies: Netherlands 2014’ by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to the House of Representatives.

The report contains the results of an analysis of the labour market for older workers in the Netherlands, along with policy recommendations for boosting the number of (and demand for) jobs for older individuals.

In its study the OECD looked at a number of recent and possible additional government measures that would enable the government, trade unions and employers’ associations to lower barriers to hiring older people, increase worker versatility and encourage workers to remain on the job longer.

Mr Asscher largely agrees with the OECD’s analysis and welcomes its recommendations. He is confident that the positive developments described in the report will continue in the years ahead.