More say for parents and index-linked hourly rates in childcare

Parents with children in childcare will get more say about the care their children receive. As of 1 July 2015 all childcare organisations will need to be affiliated with the Childcare Disputes Committee. Parents may lodge a complaint with the committee if they are unable to resolve their issue with their childcare provider. The committee's findings are binding. In addition, as of 2015 the government will raise the maximum hourly rate on which childcare benefit is based, in accordance with wage and price rises. The cabinet agreed to these proposals by Social Affairs and Employment Minister Lodewijk Asscher.

To strengthen the role of parents in childcare, their right of opinion will be expanded. Until now, parents' committees dealt primarily with the cost of childcare. In the future, their focus will shift to the quality of care from a child development perspective, which they will discuss twice a year with their childcare provider. The national childcare register website currently publishes the results of Municipal Health Service (GGD) inspections, but parents cannot see what action their local authority has taken in response to the GGD's findings. This will also change, giving parents more insight into the quality of care as a whole.

In 2015 the maximum hourly rate on which childcare benefit will be based will be € 6.84 for day nurseries, € 6.38 for out-of-school care, and € 5.48 for childcare by registered childminders. The rates were index-linked in 2014, but not in 2013 when they were frozen to cut public spending. The higher rates in 2015 will cost the government € 45 million.