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Bussemaker wants strong ties between international students and the Netherlands

Bussemaker international students nuffic

News item | 25-11-2013 | 16:44

Parliament considers bill introducing combined residence and work permit

Today the Single Residence and Work Permit Bill was presented to the House of Representatives. The single permit (GVVA) will give ...

News item | 02-10-2013 | 14:41

New to the Netherlands?

Are you from the European Union, and do you want to live and work in the Netherlands? Then this brochure is for you!

News item | 30-08-2013 | 14:51

EU provides €450 million to help job-seekers

Over the next seven years (2014-2020) the Netherlands will receive some €450 million from the European Social Fund (ESF) to help ...

News item | 12-07-2013 | 14:43

More feedback for candidates who fail Spoken Dutch Test

From 1 July 2013, civic integration candidates who fail the Spoken Dutch Test (TGN) will be given more feedback to help them ...

News item | 01-07-2013 | 14:32

Government takes action against forced marriage

The government is taking action to prevent forced marriage and help the victims, many of whom are young women. From now on, ...

News item | 14-06-2013 | 15:06

Committee to study position of domestic workers

The Cabinet has approved the proposal by Lodewijk Asscher, Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, to estabish a ‘Services at ...

News item | 17-05-2013 | 15:45

Candidates for the Civic Integration Examination Abroad can now purchase preparation assistance

As of 24 April 2013, candidates for the Civic Integration Examination Abroad will be able to purchase individual support for ...

News item | 24-04-2013 | 15:18

Government and social partners agree social agenda for the 21st century

The Dutch government and social partners have reached agreement on a package of short-term measures to stimulate economic ...

News item | 11-04-2013 | 19:37

Government postpones free movement of labour from Croatia

Croatia will accede to the European Union on 1 July 2013. But the freedom of Croatian nationals to work in the Netherlands is ...

News item | 15-03-2013 | 16:07