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Manual Infrastructure Version of Tendering Instructions for Projects under the Rijkswaterstaat DBFM Agreement Standard 2012

This is the Manual associated with the Tendering Instructions of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, ...

Directive | 02-01-2012

The legal status of civil servants 2010

This booklet contains information on the legal status of public servants working in the central government sector.

Leaflet | 27-09-2011

Digital burglary DigiNotar

Letter by ministers DonnerĀ  (The Interior and Kingdom Relations) and Opstelten (Public Safety and Justice) to the parliament ...

Letter | 06-09-2011

External evaluation of SALIN + projects: Overview report 2010

In 2009, the Dutch Government awarded extra funding to International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) for two years to ...

Report | 01-06-2011

The Dutch Civic Integration Examination Abroad

Brochure about the Dutch Civic Integration Examination Abroad.

Leaflet | 01-04-2011

Plan of Action Energy Saving in Built Environment

The objective of this plan of action is threefold: Contributing to the European objective of 20% CO2 reduction in 2020 by means ...

Report | 25-02-2011

Elections Act

Dutch Elections Act, containing provisions governing the franchise and elections of members of the Lower House (Tweede Kamer) and ...

Leaflet | 25-06-2010

Women of the Netherlands Antilles, On to a better future

Two investigations carried out by order of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations by the University of the ...

Report | 21-04-2010

Information Bulletin for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba

10.10.10 is approaching. The country the Netherlands Antilles will be dissolved on 10 October 2010. Bonaire, St. Eustatius and ...

Leaflet | 24-02-2010

Model DBFM Agreement Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (RWS) 2009

Directive | 30-07-2009