A single shared services centre for the police

In 2011 work will start on setting up a Police Service Centre, combining a number of support services for the regional police forces, such as salary administration, ICT, procurement and the management of premises. It is cheaper and more efficient to centralise these services. The creation of the Police Service Centre does not depend on any future decisions by the next government on the structuring of the police service.

A study will be carried out to see if a new ballot paper can be developed that would be more user-friendly for disabled voters and voters outside the Netherlands, and whether such a new ballot paper could be counted electronically.

These are some of the items in the budget of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) for 2011. The ministry’s goal is a safe society, effective public administration and a government that people can trust. A total of almost €6 billion has been earmarked for 2011, of which 5 billion is reserved for the police.

Other BZK budget items:

  • An extra 500 community police officers and 500 extra forensic assistants will have been taken on by the police by the end of next year. This will promote neighbourhood safety and increase the number of crimes solved.
  • 40 municipalities will be given extra funding to tackle antisocial behaviour and neighbourhood decay.
  • By the end of 2011, all safety regions must meet statutory requirements governing the fire service and disaster response.
  • Aggression and violence against public service employees will not be tolerated, and the crackdown against such offences will continue unabated.
  • In 2011, decisions will be taken in response to the recommendations of the National Commission on the Review of the Constitution on making the Constitution more accessible, which will be published this autumn.
  • By the end of 2011, at the very latest, the number of civil servants must have been reduced by 12,800 relative to 2006, as part of the Central Government Reform Programme. Half these cuts must be made by the end of 2010.