Regulations pertaining to registration of ethnicity are sufficient

Upon the recommendation of Minister Donner of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and State Secretary Teeven of Security and Justice, also on behalf of State Secretary Veldhuijzen van Zanten of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Council of Ministers has agreed to the government position concerning ethnic registration being sent to the Lower House. The Cabinet has established that there are sufficient possibilities for registration of personal data concerning ethnic origins. The current Dutch Personal Data Protection Act moreover offers adequate guarantees for protecting privacy in cases in which registration of ethnicity is lawful.

Every person in the Netherlands should be able to rely on the fact that his or her personal data are handled with care. It should also be transparent which data are registered and what happens to that data. The current Dutch Personal Data Protection Act protects privacy. This Act allows the Central Government and the municipalities to implement an effective approach in various fields, including care, assistance and dealing with nuisance.

It has become clear that in practice municipalities have some difficulty with the application, scope and interpretation of the Act. The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations will support the municipalities when they have practical questions relating to ethnic registration.