The Netherlands second in world rankings of online government services

The Dutch government has risen from fifth to second place in this year’s UN Global E-Government Survey. Only South Korea was ranked more highly in the biennial survey.

The UN study, E-Government for the People, reports progress worldwide in online service provision. The Netherlands achieved its high score due to the secure manner with which its citizens can communicate digitally with government. The fact that information only needs to be provided once to government in our country, rather than repeatedly to different public authorities, also counted in our favour.

Additional factors in the Netherlands’ high ranking were good broadband connections and agreements between central and local government on online service provision. The agreements are contained in the government-wide National Implementation Programme for E-Government Services (iNUP). A key part of iNUP is extra support to municipalities in introducing e-government. This support programme, Operation NUP, helps local authorities provide the best possible online services through knowledge exchanges, standardisation and instruction manuals. 

The UN ranks the UK third after South Korea and the Netherlands.

The UN report is available at the site of UNPAN, the United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance.