Statement on the situation in Curaçao

In a recent session of the parliament of Curaçao, a majority passed a motion of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte. The majority of the parliament requested the governor to appoint a Prime Minister-designate, with the task of forming an interim government.

In response to this request, the acting governor of Curaçao yesterday accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Schotte's government and administered the oath of office to an interim government headed by Mr Stanley Betrian.

This compliance with the desire of a parliamentary majority is in keeping with the constitutional law of Curaçao and with the principles applicable in a democracy based on the rule of law.

The interim government will face an important task in the weeks ahead. The Netherlands, Aruba and St Maarten have expressed the hope that this interim government in cooperation with the parliament will do whatever is necessary, both in the run-up to Curaçao's elections on 19 October and during the elections themselves, to ensure that they take place in a proper and orderly manner.

It should be clear that this is definitely an interim government. On 19 October the people of Curaçao will pronounce their verdict on the political constellation that will exist from that date in the country's parliament. The majority of that newly elected parliament will in its turn determine what government will subsequently take office.