Netherlands to host UN Public Service Day in 2017

On 22 and 23 June next year, the Netherlands will be hosting the United Nations Public Service Day, a two-day conference in which the international community focuses on improving public services. Stef Blok (Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector) will be making the announcement tomorrow during the celebration of the UN Public Service Day in New York, attended by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

According to Minister Blok, the quality of public service is essential for the economic and social wellbeing of a country. “Public service stands or falls with the quality of the people who work in it, the flexibility of the organisations that form the public service and the way in which public service succeeds in tackling the challenges of today’s technological developments,” commented Blok.

Each year, the United Nations organises a conference at which the international community shares experiences on how public services in the participating countries can be improved. The conference was previously held in South Korea, Bahrein, Spain and Austria. The conference location in the Netherlands has not yet been announced.

Minister Blok referred to the UN Public Service Day as an opportunity to underline the importance of public service for the entire international community. Blok referred to the organisation of the event in the Netherlands as a chance to learn from other countries about the opportunities for further improving our public service.  The Netherlands also expressed the wish to share with others what has been achieved here.