Rijkswaterstaat and Koole Mammoet save stranded Beachcomber II

Rijkswaterstaat and Dutch contractor Koole Mammoet succeeded in refloating the Beachcomber II in St Maarten on Monday. Four weeks ago the 20-metre blue boat was torn from its moorings and flung ashore by the force of Hurricane Irma. 

Stranded in the heart of St Maarten’s tourist area, the Beachcomber II had become an eye-catching sight among the many boats that had been deposited in the streets by the hurricane. In exchange for the salvaging of his vessel, owner Robert Francis Velasquez has made the Beachcomber II available for dredging the harbour in Saba and ferrying supplies to the island. 

The boat was refloated on Monday by ‘rolling’ it over the beach towards the sea using a specially constructed slipway.