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Council of Ministers for the Kingdom orders ethics investigation for St Maarten

At the proposal of Ronald Plasterk, the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Council of Ministers for the Kingdom ...

News item | 27-09-2013 | 15:32

New approach to setting maximum rents

The Cabinet has approved a proposal by housing minister Stef Blok to give valuations under the Immovable Property Act (WOZ) a ...

News item | 13-09-2013 | 17:19

Cabinet approves Environmental and Planning Act

The new Environmental and Planning Act will lead to fewer rules, more freedom of choice for individuals and businesses, a single ...

News item | 16-07-2013 | 08:43

Smaller government, fewer government buildings

Central government is being made smaller and more efficient. Between 2013 and 2020, the share of jobs in central government as a ...

News item | 28-06-2013 | 16:32

Construction Products Regulation to enter into force in July

Bricks, insulating material, pipes, doors and other construction products must help to make our homes and other buildings safe ...

News item | 28-06-2013 | 08:39

Government to relax rules for withdrawing passports to prevent convicted criminals from fleeing the country

The Public Prosecution Service will soon be able to apply for the withdrawal of passports of criminals sentenced to at least four ...

News item | 26-04-2013 | 16:08

Government wants more focus on public interests during privatisations

The government wants public interests to be considered more fully when government services are privatised or semi-privatised. In ...

News item | 22-03-2013 | 16:00

Social Economic impulse for Dutch Caribbean islands

The Dutch Central Government has together with the governments of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba discussed a number of ...

News item | 11-10-2012 | 14:31

Statement on the situation in Curaçao

In a recent session of the parliament of Curaçao, a majority passed a motion of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister ...

News item | 30-09-2012 | 14:37

Bill for a smaller parliament

The government will be sending a bill to the House of Representatives to decrease the number of MPs in both the House and the ...

News item | 13-07-2012 | 17:24