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Representations: Bhutan


Embassy of the Kingdom of Bhutan (Brussel)


Koenders visiting Bangladesh and Bhutan

Development minister Bert Koenders left for a five-day working visit to Bangladesh and Bhutan on 4 July 2009. The State Secretary ...

News item | 06-07-2009 | 10:53

Regional departments

These departments develop coherent, effective policy on the world's regions and countries.

Strategic Alert India

Since the Indian subplot of the great power story receives so much less attention from Western governments, institutions and ...

Report | 20-09-2017

Report on Benin

General information about the political situation and the economy of Benin. Including information about the Dutch development ...

Leaflet | 20-10-2011

Evaluation of the Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund UNDP

This evaluation of UNDP is a strategic, forward-looking assessment that is expected to provide valuable lessons and ...

Report | 01-05-2008

Ecosystems for Life: A Bangladesh-India Initiative

External Review Report – submitted to: IUCN

Report | 01-08-2014

Mid-Term Evaluation of the EFA Fast Track Initiative Final Synthesis Report - Volume 3: Appendices I-IV

This document contains annexes to the main report of the ‘Mid-Term Evaluation of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA ...

Report | 01-02-2010

Evaluation The Netherlands Climate Assistance Programme (NCAP)

The evaluation of the Netherlands Climate Assistance Programme (NCAP) assesses the extent to which NCAP has been in accord with ...

Report | 01-02-2008

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