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Representations: Botswana


Embassy of the Republic of Botswana (Brussel)


Regional departments

These departments develop coherent, effective policy on the world's regions and countries.

Netherlands plays key role in EU trade agreement with Southern Africa

An Economic Partnership Agreement was signed today in Kasane, Botswana between six African countries and the European Union. The ...

News item | 13-06-2016 | 15:20

The Netherlands organises international anti-poaching conference

Sharon Dijksma, Minister for Agriculture, is organising an international conference in February 2016 about wildlife crime in the ...

News item | 02-10-2015 | 17:20

Rosenthal: preventing atrocities a priority

‘The situation in Syria is a daily reminder that we were unable to prevent this tragedy. The global community simply has to do ...

News item | 01-10-2012 | 16:27

Rosenthal: more ways needed to protect people against atrocities

The international community should be more creative and explore steps such as preventive diplomacy, fact-finding missions, ...

News item | 26-09-2011 | 16:12

Global approach to tackle elephant and rhino poaching

Dutch Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma will make agreements with other countries to tackle elephant and rhino poaching. ...

News item | 13-02-2014 | 15:20

Ploumen seeks to get European trade negotiations with Africa back on track

Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, is seeking to revive negotiations on Economic ...

News item | 16-05-2013 | 00:00

The Netherlands to invest in natural capital accounting

At home and abroad, the Netherlands is going to promote the use of economic indicators that put a price on the ‘services’ ...

News item | 21-06-2012 | 15:05