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Will I be able to make payments, withdrawals and transfers in or to the UK after Brexit?

About making payments, withdrawals and transfers in or to the UK after Brexit.

Question and answer

I got married in the UK. Will my marriage still be recognised after Brexit?

Brexit will not change the existence or recognition of your marriage. After Brexit, the Dutch rules for recognising marriages ...

Question and answer

After Brexit can I keep the pension I have built up in the UK?

If you have any questions regarding your UK pension, please contact your UK pension provider.

Question and answer

Do I need to apply for a residence permit for the UK after Brexit?

Yes, you must have submitted a residence permit application by 30 June 2021. This answer is based on the arrangements governing ...

Question and answer

Will I retain my right to childcare benefit, child budget, housing benefit and/or healthcare benefit after Brexit?

You will retain your right to these benefits if you the following conditions.

Question and answer

After Brexit, will I still be entitled to the pension I have built up in the Netherlands?

Yes. Accrued pension entitlements are not dependent on nationality. 

Question and answer

Will I be able to enjoy tax-free shopping in the UK after Brexit?

Up to and including 31 December you will not be able to shop tax-free in the UK. Until that date, all current EU agreements and ...

Question and answer

If certain medical devices and supplies suddenly become unavailable after Brexit, can the Dutch government intervene?

If the UK leaves the EU with a withdrawal agreement, the availability of your medical devices will not be affected.

Question and answer

Can I still take food products into and out of the United Kingdom after Brexit?

Up to and including 31 December 2020, the transition period is in place and the current EU rules on importing plant and animal ...

Question and answer

Could there be a shortage in The Netherlands of the medical devices I need after Brexit?

Medical devices include insulin syringes, blood glucose meters, wheelchairs, implants, blood bags and surgical thread.

Question and answer