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Representations: Brunei Darussalam


Embassy of the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam (Brussel)


Exchange of tax information with Uruguay, Mauritius and Brunei

The Netherlands has the intention to also exchange tax information in the future with Uruguay, Mauritius and Brunei. A proposal ...

News item | 25-06-2010 | 15:11

Ploumen: opportunities in Brunei for Dutch companies

At some time in the future, the oil and gas fields that form the mainstay of Brunei’s economy, will run dry. For this reason, ...

News item | 22-01-2013 | 16:20

Statement by Equal Rights Coalition on the situation in Brunei

Statement by Equal Rights Coalition on the situation in Brunei

Diplomatic statement | 15-04-2019

Rosenthal: Many business opportunities in Southeast Asia

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal has held a series of bilateral talks with Asian government ministers in the margins of the meeting ...

News item | 01-05-2012 | 12:34

Regional departments

These departments develop coherent, effective policy on the world's regions and countries.

Rosenthal welcomes start of Burmese reform process

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal spoke in Brunei on Friday with his Burmese counterpart Wunna Maung Lwin about Burma’s democratic ...

News item | 27-04-2012 | 00:00

Ambassadors in the Netherlands (July 2019)

Overview of ambassadors in the Netherlands (July 2019)

Publication | 03-07-2019

Speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok at the Klasjes 2018 event for young diplomats from founding member states of the European Union, 7 June 2019 in The Hague

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the start of this conference this morning, since that clashed with ...

Speech | 07-06-2019

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