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European Centre for Development Policy Management – Institutional Evaluation, 2012-2016

European Centre for Development Policy Management – Institutional Evaluation, 2012-2016.

Report | 25-02-2016

State of the European Union 2015 - Presidency Edition

In the State of the European Union the government describes what it sees as the main challenges facing the EU and how to tackle ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 16-11-2015

Brochure European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016

The Netherlands will initate a European Truck Platooning Challenge in 2016, during it's Presidency of the European Union. This ...

Leaflet | 06-10-2015

Good Governance in the EU Member States

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs has set the aim to incite the discussion on good governance between all ...

Report | 18-05-2015

2025 - Vision for Science choices for the future

Report about the plans of the government regarding science policy.

Report | 08-12-2014

Culture at a glance 2014

Culture at a Glance (Cultuur in Beeld) is published annually by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The ...

Report | 01-12-2014

Modernising regulated professions

The modernization of the regulation of the regulated professions has been proposed at the European level. According to the ...

Report | 12-10-2014

Climate Agenda: Resilient, Prosperous, and Green

This Climate Agenda outlines a climate approach focused on assembling a broadly-based coalition for climate measures and on a ...

Report | 17-02-2014

National Action Plan on Human Rights

The National Action Plan on Human Rights sets out the ways in which the government fulfils its responsibility to protect and ...

Policy note | 01-02-2014

Budget Memorandum, Chapter I

Budget | 17-09-2013