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Representations: Germany


Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany ('s-Gravenhage)


Netherlands must work together more closely with Germany, says minister

The Netherlands must work together more closely with Germany, both economically and politically. This was the message delivered ...

News item | 13-11-2012 | 09:36

State Secretary Weekers signs tax treaty with Germany

On Thursday, 12 April, Mr Weekers, the State Secretary of Finance, signed with his German colleague Emily Haber, the State ...

News item | 31-05-2012 | 11:08

Portugal takes over EU presidency from Germany

On Monday 1 July, Portugal took over the EU presidency from Germany, which held it during the first half of 2007.

News item | 03-07-2007 | 10:54

State Secretary Weekers visits Germany

Mr Weekers, the State Secretary of Finance, will pay a working visit to Germany on Wednesday 11 April and Thursday 12 April. In ...

News item | 17-04-2012 | 16:49

The Netherlands and Germany strengthen collaboration on innovation

The Netherlands and Germany will strengthen their collaboration in the fields of innovation and energy. This was agreed at ...

News item | 26-04-2016 | 10:21

Netherlands and Germany: stricter criteria for EU budget support

The Netherlands and Germany agree that the European Union should attach stricter conditions to budget support for developing ...

News item | 08-02-2011 | 00:00

The Netherlands and Germany to cooperate more closely

The Netherlands and Germany plan to step up their working relationship in the years ahead. The Dutch foreign minister, Uri ...

News item | 04-11-2010 | 00:00

Greater energy cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany

At meetings on 31 January and 1 February 2013, Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs agreed three important areas of cooperation ...

News item | 01-02-2013 | 21:06