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Representations: Hungary


Embassy of Hungary ('s-Gravenhage)


Timmermans to visit Hungary and Slovakia

Minister for European Affairs Frans Timmermans will visit Hungary and Slovakia on 5 November.

News item | 03-11-2009 | 08:46

Verhagen opens cultural centre in Hungary

On 12 September, foreign minister Maxime Verhagen opened a cultural festival centre in Budapest during his one-day visit to ...

News item | 13-09-2007 | 14:56

Concern about developments in Hungary

‘Just like other foreign ministers in Europe, I am concerned about developments in Hungary,’ foreign minister Uri Rosenthal ...

News item | 06-01-2012 | 14:44

Timmermans visits Hungary and Slovakia

On behalf of the Netherlands, Minister for European Affairs Frans Timmermans yesterday offered to assist Hungary with the ...

News item | 06-11-2009 | 15:43

Sandbags for Hungary

The Netherlands is donating 100,000 sandbags to Hungary in order to reinforce riverbeds in that country, which has been ravaged ...

News item | 28-05-2010 | 00:00

Koenders expects solidarity from Hungary on taking in refugees

Foreign minister Bert Koenders called the authorities in Hungary to account on Tuesday about the country’s asylum policies and ...

News item | 04-10-2016 | 00:00

The Netherlands and Hungary draw up a plan of approach combating human trafficking

The Netherlands and Hungary are increasing collaboration to combat human trafficking. The two countries are currently working on ...

News item | 17-04-2013 | 14:46

What is the list of safe countries of origin?

The Netherlands has drawn up a list of safe countries of origin. The list is not fixed: countries can be added or removed.

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