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Do I need a residence permit if I want to stay in the Netherlands for a long period of time?

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days and you are not a national of an EU country, Liechtenstein, ...

Question and answer

Regional departments

These departments develop coherent, effective policy on the world's regions and countries.

Prime minister Rutte to attend European Council

The heads of state and government of the EU member states will meet at the European Council in Brussels on 24 and 25 March 2011.

News item | 24-03-2011 | 00:00

Joint Statement Tokyo 30 nov 2012

Statement by the Friends of the Syrian People International Working group on Sanctions, Tokyo, Japan, 30 November 2012.

Leaflet | 10-12-2012

Koenders: world will not be intimidated by ISIS

In response to the beheading of a second Japanese citizen by ISIS last week, foreign minister Bert Koenders has said that the ...

News item | 02-02-2015 | 15:27

Travelling to the Netherlands from abroad

Residents from countries where the risk to health is either comparable to or lower can visit the Netherlands.

Cabinet approves ambassadorial appointments

The cabinet has approved the 29 ambassadorial appointments proposed by foreign minister Uri Rosenthal. Before the appointments ...

News item | 30-01-2012 | 14:12

Joint statement on whaling and safety at sea

The governments of Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States issued a joint statement today, calling on the ...

News item | 16-12-2011 | 14:35

Video: Fujifilm opens new factory in Tilburg

His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange attended today the opening of Fujifilm Tilburg’s third production line for offset plates. ...

News item | 08-12-2011 | 15:11

Speech by Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the Cybersecurity Matchmaking Forum

Tokyo, 10 November 2015

Speech | 10-11-2015