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Representations: Niger


Embassy of the Republic of Niger (Brussel)


The Netherlands and Niger

Factsheet on the efforts of The Netherlands from 2019 to 2022 to improve the stability in Niger.

Publication | 13-08-2019

Koenders visits Niger, the crossroads of West African migration

On Saturday foreign minister Bert Koenders met with the Nigerien authorities in the capital Niamey, to discuss a joint approach ...

News item | 10-12-2016 | 18:30

Niger Delta conference held at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On 31 July and 1 August the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the eighth meeting of the Gulf of Guinea Energy Security Strategy ...

News item | 02-08-2007 | 09:07

Minister Kaag: investing more in development in Niger

The Netherlands will be increasing its investment in sustainable development for Niger over the next several years. As part of ...

News item | 15-02-2019 | 09:28

Netherlands acts as mediator in Niger Delta

During the past year the Netherlands has been playing a role behind the scenes as a mediator in the conflict over pollution in ...

News item | 18-06-2014 | 00:00

Dutch mediation in Niger Delta proves successful

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited has reached agreement with leaders of the Bodo community on the ...

News item | 02-05-2015 | 00:00

Countries and regions

In the field of foreign trade and development cooperation the Netherlands has a special relationship with certain countries. ...

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