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Syria: international sanctions authorities

International Sanctions Authorities

Leaflet | 10-12-2012

‘20 Years of the Internal Market: Opportunities in an open Europe’

Speech by the Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Maxime Verhagen, at the Internal Market event with ...

Speech | 19-10-2012

Q+A Cross-border work

You are a cross-border worker if you live in one member state of the European Union or European Economic Area (EU/EEA) and work ...

Leaflet | 13-10-2011

Ambassadors in the Netherlands (July 2019)

Overview of ambassadors in the Netherlands (July 2019)

Publication | 03-07-2019

AMR Next - Factsheet EU Antimicrobial Resistance One Health ministerial conference 2016

AMR Next is a paper about the EU conference on AMR. This paper contains good practices on AMR in the healthcare and veterinary ...

Leaflet | 18-04-2016

Bicameral Legislatures. An International Comparison

In this publication, you will find an up-to-date overview of the design of bicameral systems in a large number of countries.

Report | 01-10-2015

Final report - Towards a common evaluation framework to assess mutual trust in the field of EU judicial cooperation in criminal matters

The structure of this report follows the different project phases and is divided into three main parts, namely an overview on the ...

Report | 31-03-2013

Countries compared on public performance

A study of public sector performance in 28 countries.

Report | 21-06-2012

The Lisbon Scorecard IX

The report ‘Lisbon scorecard IX- How to emerge from the wreckage’ provides an assessment of countries’ overall Lisbon performance ...

Report | 01-02-2009

The Netherlands arms export policy in 2005

Original title: Jaarrapport Nederlands wapenexportbeleid 2005 Tweede Kamer, vergaderjaar 2006-2007 Kamerstuk 22 054, nr.108 June ...

Annual report | 01-06-2005