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The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service & Economic Investigation Service (FIOD-ECD), the police and the Public Prosecution Service have nationally and internationally seized real estate, vehicles and art for millions of euros

Yesterday, cooperation at national and international levels led to seizures and searches by the FIOD-ECD, the police and the ...

News item | 18-01-2010 | 10:58

What is the list of safe countries of origin?

The Netherlands has drawn up a list of safe countries of origin. The list is not fixed: countries can be added or removed.

Question and answer

The Lisbon Scorecard IX

The report ‘Lisbon scorecard IX- How to emerge from the wreckage’ provides an assessment of countries’ overall Lisbon performance ...

Report | 01-02-2009

EU reaches agreement on cheaper texting and mobile netsurfing

Following the example of mobile phone calls, the charges for text messages and mobile internet access will be much lower between ...

News item | 29-11-2008 | 10:13

Netherlands completes Lisbon Treaty approval

The Dutch act of approval of the Treaty of Lisbon was submitted on 11 September to the depositary, the Italian Ministry of ...

News item | 12-09-2008 | 13:57

Koenders prepared to give more aid to Burma

Together with the United States, Minister for Development Cooperation Bert Koenders arranged an informal discussion on Burma last ...

News item | 26-05-2008 | 08:55

The Netherlands speaks out against Afghan executions

On 11 October, in an interview with the Afghan foreign minister, Rangin Dadar Spanta, the Netherlands spoke out against the ...

News item | 12-10-2007 | 11:10

Portugal takes over EU presidency from Germany

On Monday 1 July, Portugal took over the EU presidency from Germany, which held it during the first half of 2007.

News item | 03-07-2007 | 10:54

Verhagen discusses EU treaty in Lisbon

Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen, in Lisbon for the preparations for the Portugese presidency, spoke with his colleague Luis ...

News item | 28-06-2007 | 11:28

The Netherlands arms export policy in 2005

Original title: Jaarrapport Nederlands wapenexportbeleid 2005 Tweede Kamer, vergaderjaar 2006-2007 Kamerstuk 22 054, nr.108 June ...

Annual report | 01-06-2005