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Investing in the Dutch housing market

This booklet presents key facts and figures that may be of interest to investors in the Dutch housing market. Its aim is to give ...

Leaflet | 02-10-2015

Good Governance in the EU Member States

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs has set the aim to incite the discussion on good governance between all ...

Report | 18-05-2015

2025 - Vision for Science choices for the future

Report about the plans of the government regarding science policy.

Report | 08-12-2014

Culture at a glance 2014

Culture at a Glance (Cultuur in Beeld) is published annually by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The ...

Report | 01-12-2014

OECD report 'Ageing and Employment Policies: Netherlands 2014'

Recommendations for possible elements of an overall strategy for promoting the employment and employability of older workers.

Report | 16-04-2014

Evaluation of the “Blue Birds” Circular Migration Pilot in The Netherlands

The Evaluation of the 'Blue Birds' Circular Migration Pilot took place between December 2011 and February 2012. With regard to ...

Report | 16-01-2013

OECD Economic Surveys Netherlands 2012

Economic Survey of the Netherlands 2012 that is published biennially by OECD.

Report | 14-06-2012

Peer Review of the Fruit and Vegetables Quality Inspection System in the Netherlands

The Peer Review is part of a series of reviews of national fruit and vegetables systems undertaken within the programme of work ...

Report | 12-06-2012

LGBT and Gender Equality Policy Plan of the Netherlands 2011 – 2015

LGBT and gender equality offers people the opportunity to make the most of their lives and to make choices in freedom and safety. ...

Leaflet | 10-01-2012

Acceptance of homosexuality in the Netherlands 2011

The Dutch government wishes to promote the social acceptance of homosexuality. To gain an impression of the current status and ...

Leaflet | 10-01-2012