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Summary, conclusions and recommendations (in English)

The Security and Justice Inspectorate reports about its investigation into the actions taken by the Dutch government with respect ...

Publication | 12-04-2013

Evaluation of the Matra Training Programme for European Cooperation (MTEC)

Final Report on the evaluation of the Matra Training Programme for European Cooperation (MTEC) and its predecessors.

Report | 10-10-2012

Trainingsprogrammes ADEPT and MTEC

Final evaluation of the Accession-oriented Dutch European Proficiency Training Programme (ADEPT) started in 2005 and the Matra ...

Report | 01-04-2009

Monthly Alert - New Security Threats and Opportunities - The Dark Side of the Security Coin

monthly alert, security threats

Report | 21-11-2017

Report on gas composition

Letter by minister Verhagen (EL&I) about the report 'Gaskwaliteit voor de toekomst' (Gas Quality for the future).

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 28-03-2011

Engagement in Fragile States: A Balancing Act

Speech by minister Koenders (Development Cooperation) at the Johns Hopkins University, Washington.

Speech | 19-10-2007

Letter regarding the invocation of State responsibility in general and in the context of the downing of flight MH17

Letter of 18 March 2017 from the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the  House of Representatives on regarding the invocation of ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 09-03-2018

Letter about the current state of affairs with regard to the MH17 disaster

Letter of 17 December 2014 from the Minister of Security and Justice, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Defence, ...

Parliamentary document | 17-12-2014

Speech by Verhagen at 2010 Conference on Europe’s Security

The Netherlands is a fine country, and we’re good at many things. There’s no reason to be shy about that. It’s a fact ...

Speech | 17-05-2010

Speech by Minister Verhagen to the European Round Table of Industrialists

A Post-Crisis Europe in a Post-American World’ Hermitage, Amsterdam, 22 November 2009

Speech | 22-11-2009