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Human rights ambassador presents PEN award to Russian filmmaker and journalist

On Thursday 20 January, Dutch human rights ambassador Lionel Veer presented Russian filmmaker and journalist Andrei Nekrasov with ...

News item | 20-01-2011 | 00:00

Rosenthal welcomes American ratification of START Treaty

The Government is pleased to note that the US Senate has ratified the new START Treaty. ‘The United States has today taken ...

News item | 24-12-2010 | 00:00

Dutch F-16s intercept Russian aircraft

On 19 October, 2 Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16s from Leeuwarden Air Base intercepted 2 Russian “Bear” Tu-95 bombers. The ...

News item | 03-11-2010 | 09:35

Dutch-Russian meeting at sea

On 17 June, HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën made an unplanned rendezvous with 2 Russian navy ships, the cruiser Admiral Levchenko and ...

News item | 23-06-2010 | 00:00

Speech by Verhagen at 2010 Conference on Europe’s Security

The Netherlands is a fine country, and we’re good at many things. There’s no reason to be shy about that. It’s a fact ...

Speech | 17-05-2010

Opening remarks by Verhagen at Human Rights and New Media Conference

Opening remarks by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxime Verhagen, at the Human Rights and New Media conference, Theater ...

Speech | 19-04-2010

Introductory remarks at biannual meeting with EU ambassadors

Introductory remarks by Maxime Verhagen, minister of Foreign Affairs, at luncheon with EU ambassadors, 12 April 2010

Speech | 12-04-2010

Speech by Maxime Verhagen at closing of Oud-Poelgeest conference

Speech by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxime Verhagen, at the closing of the Oud-Poelgeest conference, Vredespaleis, 1 April ...

Speech | 01-04-2010

Future Policy Survey: summary and conclusions

A new foundation for the Netherlands Armed Forces.

Report | 29-03-2010

Mid-Term Evaluation of the EFA Fast Track Initiative Final Synthesis Report - Volume 3: Appendices I-IV

This document contains annexes to the main report of the ‘Mid-Term Evaluation of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA ...

Report | 01-02-2010