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Representations: Samoa


Embassy of the Independent State of Samoa (Brussel)


Netherlands publishes own list of low-tax jurisdictions in fight against tax avoidance

The Netherlands has drawn up new list of 21 low-tax jurisdictions to help implement new measures to combat tax avoidance. The ...

News item | 28-12-2018 | 07:00

Ambassadors in the Netherlands (July 2019)

Overview of ambassadors in the Netherlands (July 2019)

Publication | 03-07-2019

Mid-Term Evaluation of the EFA Fast Track Initiative Final Synthesis Report - Volume 3: Appendices I-IV

This document contains annexes to the main report of the ‘Mid-Term Evaluation of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA ...

Report | 01-02-2010

UN Millennium Development Goals Report 2011

This report is based on a master set of data that has been compiled by an Inter-Agency and Expert Group on MDG Indicators led by ...

Report | 15-07-2011

Letter to Parliament policy coherence for development 2018-2019

Letter to the House of Representatives about policy coherence for development 2018-2019.

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 01-07-2019

Administrative rules FPP-II 2012-2015

Order of the Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation of 13 May 2011, no. DJZ/BR-0370/11, laying down ...

Regulation | 16-02-2012

Guidance FATCA

Guidance with technical explanatory notes to the Agreement between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the United States of ...

Publication | 30-04-2015

Summary on Global Oceans Action Summit

The Chair's summary and main outcome of the Global Oceans Action Summit held from 22 April until 25 April 2014 in The Hague.

Report | 25-04-2014

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