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Valuing Water Initiative

At the World Economic Forum in January 2019, Prime Minister Rutte officially launched the Valuing Water Initiative (VWI). Using ...

What does the Special Envoy for International Water Affairs do?

The Special Envoy for International Water Affairs travels the world to help countries with their water-related problems – like ...

Annex 2 - Policy Framework Mine Action and Cluster Munitions Programme 2016-2020

Publication | 29-03-2016

Netherlands to give emergency aid to Pakistani flood victims

The Netherlands is making €4 million available for humanitarian aid to flood victims in Pakistan. The money will be spent on ...

News item | 14-10-2011 | 15:26

Bert Koenders appointed UN Special Representative for Côte d’Ivoire

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed former development minister Bert Koenders to succeed the South Korean Choi ...

News item | 28-07-2011 | 11:49

Customs detection dogs find almost 3,000 kilos of marihuana and hashish

The HARC Team, a cooperation between the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Seaport Police, Customs, the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation ...

News item | 18-05-2011 | 13:36

Koenders: culture vital for developing countries

‘Money for culture is not a luxury. Not investing in culture in developing countries would mean surrendering to pity. It would ...

News item | 16-12-2009 | 00:00

Verhagen: Israel should not be accused of racism

The Netherlands will not allow the 2009 UN anti-racism conference to degenerate into an anti-Israel meeting. This pledge was made ...

News item | 20-05-2008 | 09:46

Verhagen urges continued pressure on Sudan

The Sudanese government needs to work towards a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen ...

News item | 27-06-2007 | 11:44

Koenders to launch Association of Water Boards projects

On 22 March, World Water Day, development minister Bert Koenders will give the starting signal for the first three international ...

News item | 19-03-2007 | 11:36