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Mission removes last of declared chemical substances from Syria

Foreign minister Frans Timmermans has said he is pleased that the last 7.2% of the chemical substances that were part of Syria's ...

News item | 24-06-2014 | 12:46

Netherlands to host international talks on Syria

In September the Netherlands will be hosting the fourth meeting of the Friends of the Syrian People International Working Group ...

News item | 23-07-2012 | 12:15

Rosenthal calls on Security Council to impose sanctions against Syria

Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal has called on the UN Security Council to impose sanctions against the Syrian regime. ...

News item | 27-09-2011 | 17:03

Netherlands supports UN evidence database on atrocities in Syria

The Netherlands will contribute money and expertise to the database being set up by the United Nations to gather evidence of ...

News item | 22-12-2016 | 00:40

Statement by the Dutch government on recent violence in Syria

Diplomatic statement | 22-02-2018

Timmermans discusses Syria with Turkish counterpart

Foreign minister Frans Timmermans and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoğlu spoke at length today about the situation in Syria ...

News item | 25-03-2013 | 18:54

Syria must guarantee safety of observers and journalists

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal is deeply concerned about the growing violence in Syria. Yesterday, a French journalist was killed ...

News item | 12-01-2012 | 16:10

Rosenthal: Syria even more isolated

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal welcomed the decision yesterday by the League of Arab States to impose sanctions on Syria. ‘The ...

News item | 28-11-2011 | 15:38

Koenders describes report on mass executions in Syria as ‘horrific’

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders says that there must be no impunity for the mass executions carried out in Syria. He ...

News item | 07-02-2017 | 13:50

New aid for refugees in Syria

The Netherlands is once again coming to the aid of refugees in Syria. The aid is intended for displaced Syrians who are ...

News item | 10-12-2016 | 19:00