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Case Studies Budget support: Conditional Results

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Report | 01-09-2012

The Netherlands arms export policy in 1999

Published by: Ministry of Economic Affairs Original title: Jaarrapport Nederlands wapenexportbeleid 1999 Tweede Kamer, ...

Annual report | 09-11-2011

The Netherlands arms export policy in 2004

Published by: The Ministry of Economic Affairs and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, The Netherlands Original title: ...

Annual report | 09-11-2011

The Netherlands arms export policy in 2006

Original title: Jaarrapport Nederlands wapenexportbeleid 2006 Tweede Kamer, vergaderjaar 2006-2007 Kamerstuk 22 054, nr.126 13 ...

Annual report | 09-11-2011

IOB - Subrapport Urquiola - Calidad y cantidad educativa en Bolivia-1996-2010

Quality and quantity of education in Bolivia-1996-2010. Additional report with figures and graphics belonging with the IOB ...

Report | 01-08-2011

IOB - Evaluacion de la cooperacion holandesa con Nicaragua 2005-2008

IOB evaluation of Dutch bilateral, multilateral and private aid to Nicaragua over the period 2005-2008. The report analyzes how ...

Report | 01-09-2010

Future Policy Survey: summary and conclusions

A new foundation for the Netherlands Armed Forces.

Report | 29-03-2010

Report Results in Development 2007-2008

Report | 01-01-2010

Justice, freedom and security in Europe since 2005: an evaluation of The Hague programme and action plan

Evaluation by the European Commission on the The Hague Programme and Action Plan Justice, Freedom and Security in Europe since ...

Report | 10-06-2009

IOB - Evaluacion de impacto del apoyo de la cooperacion para el desarrollo de los paies bajos al centro de exportaciones cei Nicaragua

Spanish language version. Annex to the IOB evaluation of Dutch aid to Nicaragua from 2005-2008. This report is an assessment of ...

Report | 01-04-2009