Investigation better distribution of the budget for the administration of justice

Minster Opstelten of Safety and Justice has asked the Council for the Judiciary to check if the total budget for the administration of justice can be distributed over the courts better so that the budget matches the workload of the different courts better. When distributing the budget, the Council and the court administration can make their own choices as to how to use the funds. They can decide for instance to to use more money from the budget for crminal cases. The Council will take this up together with the courts. This is the content of a letter to Parliament today by Minister Opstelten.

The minister writes in the letter that he much appreciates the way in which the Council for the Judiciary responded to the manifesto of the councillors from Leeuwarden.  The minister also trusts that the council will get to work energetically with the necessary improvements in the administration of justice and in the relationship of the council and the different courts.  Mr Opstelten further writes that the administration of justice in the Netherlands generally functions well. The Dutch administration of justice always scores well in international comparisons.  In the first place that is thanks to the professionality of the judges who do their independent work well.

Minister Opstelten recently came to new agreements with the Council for the Judiciary on the budget for the administration of Justice for 2014-2016. It was agreed that the financing for the administration of justice will remain at its current level in 2014 and 2015. The cost price will go down from 2016. That is enabled by a better set up of the operational management at the courts and more effciency through digitalisation. In this way, the administration of justice will contribute to the financial target of this cabinet.  The agreements do justice to the need to guarantee the quality of the administration of justice, according to Minster Opstelten.