Appointment of Deputy Procurator General to the Supreme Court

Mr. F.F. Langemeijer, LLM has been appointed Deputy Procurator General of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. The Council of Ministers decided on Friday to submit his name for nomination as of 1 May 2016, following the proposal of Minister Van der Steur of Security and Justice.

Since 1997, Mr. Langemeijer (1953) has been employed as Advocate General at the Supreme Court. At the Supreme Court, he has also had a leading role for a number of years within the civil section of the public prosecutor's office. Furthermore, since 2011, he has been Advocate General of the Benelux Court of Appeals in Brussels, where he was Deputy Advocate General from 2002.
Langemeijer is succeeding Mrs. C.L. de Vries Lentsch-Kostense, LLM, as Deputy Procurator General.