Government to invest 95 million euros in judiciary

In the years ahead, the government will be investing in the judiciary. The funds are required in order to eliminate financial deficits, enabling the judiciary to advance the organisation and the quality of its activities. This information emerged from a letter on the judiciary that the Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker sent to both Houses of Parliament.

Minister Dekker:

People only experience a sense of justice if they are not forced to wait for years. This situation is exactly what is at stake. The workload of our judiciary is bursting at the seams. We cannot go on in this way. An additional investment will allow the judiciary to once more post positive figures and eliminate deficits.

Sound financial foundation

The purpose of the additional funds is to solve the current financial issues. Most of the problems stem from the decreasing number of cases handled by the judiciary and the delay in its digitisation process. Another reason for the investment is the increased complexity of cases. In the coming years, the funds will be applied to creating a sound financial foundation as well as improving quality further.

Eliminating deficits and reducing lead times

The judiciary can use these funds to reduce lead times. Another key priority is eliminating deficits. To do so, the judiciary will take a number of actions, which include creating a flexible pool of judges, transferring cases to other courts and streamlining work processes at the national level.

Socially effective judiciary

For some time, the judiciary has been running pilots and experiments in an attempt to improve its social effectiveness. It aims for closer alignment with people's needs, which entails not always taking a legal decision but facilitating the solution to a problem. Further progress in this field will be made in the years ahead.

Improved management

The organisation of the judiciary constitutes another area for improvement. Proper organisation is vital to handling concerns at the national level, such as digitisation and increasing the social effectiveness of the judiciary. In collaboration with court management, the Council for the Judiciary will greatly accelerate decision-making by a select group of authorised managers on a number of core themes.