The Netherlands and Denmark join forces for animal welfare in Europe

The Netherlands and Denmark will join forces to tighten EU regulations on animal welfare and to create a level playing field across the European Union. Dutch Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma and her Danish counterpart Dan Jørgensen agreed on this cooperation during a working visit to a Dutch veal farm on 22 May.

Improving animal welfare throughout Europe

“Together we want to take the initiative to speed up the decision-making procedure to improve the welfare of farmed animals,” Minister Dijksma said. “If you really want to improve animal welfare you have to make sure measures are taken in all Member States. Only then will we see clear results.”

Reducing transport times

Together with Denmark, Sweden and Austria, the Netherlands will urge other Member States to take the necessary steps to improve animal welfare in the short term, for example by addressing interventions in poultry and reducing the duration of transports of farm animals destined for slaughter. “It is very important for animal welfare that these transports are restricted to a maximum of 8 hours in all European Member States,” the Minister said. “We will soon elect a new European Parliament, and we will do everything possible to convince other Member States of the need for new, stricter transport regulations to be established at a European level.”