Obtaining approval for remedial education (LWOO) for your child

Does your child need additional help obtaining a voorbereidend middelbaar beroepsonderwijs – VMBO (preparatory vocational secondary education) diploma? If so, your child may be eligible for leerwegondersteunend onderwijs – LWOO (remedial education). Some VMBO schools offer the LWOO programme. These schools provide adaptations such as smaller class sizes or tutoring. Your child must receive approval for LWOO.

Last updated on 4 August 2022

Register for LWOO

Has your child received a recommendation for LWOO from their primary school? If so, your child may register for LWOO at a school that offers the VMBO curriculum.

School decision

After registration, the school will examine whether LWOO is the right place for your child. For example, the school may give your child an intelligence test and look at their behaviour. If the school finds that LWOO is the right place for your child, it will request an LWOO referral from the partnership group. A partnership group is a collaboration between ordinary schools and special education schools. A referral allows your child to receive LWOO.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Secondary Education Act 2020, Article 2.42

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