New letter issued to asylum seekers

A new letter was issued today to asylum seekers who came to Ter Apel or crossed the Dutch border. In the letter, Minister for Migration Dijkhoff states that he understands the tension caused by an uncertain situation. That is why he wants to give a quick and realistic image of what asylum seekers can expect, such as the longer waiting time for the start of the asylum procedure, the sober reception facilities and the personal contribution towards the costs of the reception.

In the letter, the Minister writes that the Netherlands is currently receiving many asylum seekers, which causes pressure on the reception of asylum seekers. For new asylum seekers, the total period within which the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has to make a decision will therefore be extended from six to 15 months. Asylum seekers coming from a safe country will be rejected quickly. Asylum seekers who were previously registered in another EU country must also leave the Netherlands as soon as possible. The procedure for family reunification may take long due to the large number of applications; more than two years depending on the personal situation.

In the letter, the Minister also indicates that the Netherlands does not have enough reception places for asylum seekers in normal reception centres. That is why asylum seekers are accommodated in (temporary) emergency reception locations with limited facilities. Asylum seekers who have own assets or income are obliged to report this. They may have to give up part of their assets or income in order to contribute to their own reception costs and the reception costs of their family.

Two letters by Minister for Migration Dijkhoff to the asylum seekers in Dutch, English, French, Arabic, Somali, Chinese, Farsi and Tigrinya.

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