The Agreement on systematic checks at European external borders

The European migration ministers today decided that everyone, including EU citizens, must be systematically checked at the European external borders. All the Member States will be required to check everyone who enters or leaves the EU to make sure that they do not constitute a threat to public order or safety. This was decided by the ministers in Brussels today during a meeting under the leadership of the Dutch presidency.


Minister Dijkhoff: "The systematic checking everyone who passes the border contributes to the strengthening of our common external borders. It is an important measure in the fight against terrorism and the protection of all European citizens."

The ministers also discussed the proposal to establish a European Border and Coast Guard. This proposal aims to strengthen the common European external borders. This coastguard must map out the flow of migration, identify weaknesses in Europe's external borders and respond quickly if the surveillance of external borders is at stake somewhere.

At the meeting, Minister Dijkhoff also stressed that the European migration crisis can only be solved together with all of the EU Member States, with all of the countries along the West Balkan route and with Turkey. That is why he spoke not only with the EU Member States, but also with his colleagues from the Balkan countries and with Turkey.

Some countries in the Western Balkans have adopted national border measures. Minister Dijkhoff: "Due to the unprecedented high influx of asylum seekers and illegal migrants, countries are under enormous pressure. I understand, therefore, that countries are taking action. These measures may have humanitarian consequences in other countries, in particular, in Greece. In that case we should all be ready to help."