Notorious troublemakers given area restriction order to reception centre during New Year

Trouble in and around the COA (Central Reception Organisation for Asylum Seekers) reception centres is unacceptable. For that reason, the policy for trouble-causing asylum seekers from safe countries will be sharpened. Notorious troublemakers will be given an area restriction order during New Year, so that they will not be able to leave the reception centre. So writes Minister of Migration Dijkhoff today in a letter to the Lower House (Second Chamber).


Besides measures announced earlier such as targeted use of the criminal law, faster asylum procedures, faster Dublin Regulation procedures, less reception, earlier detention of aliens, encouraging departure and ending financial repatriation support, further steps need to be taken according to Dijkhoff.

So, by means of a common approach by the criminal justice chain, the aliens chain and the administration, public order measures can be taken at the local level, such as an area restriction order for a maximum of three months. Because of this they may not enter certain areas. This week municipalities will receive a guide on how to approach this nuisance problem, so that together with the police and the aliens chain they can impose an area restriction order over New Year on people including well-known ringleaders. In practice this means that these people have to stay at the asylum seekers centre during New Year.

Through a more directed exchange of relevant information between the various chains about the behaviour of the alien, the alien can be placed in alien custody more quickly. Agreements have been made with courts about an acceleration in the settlement of appeals lodged against a negative decision on the request for asylum.


Despite a decrease in the influx of Moroccan and Algerian asylum seekers during recent weeks, the number of asylum seekers from safe countries of origin is still too high, according to Dijkhoff.

This year, up to November, 22,880 aliens departed without right of residence. Of these, more than 1350 aliens were of Moroccan or Algerian nationality. The cabinet wants to make agreements with the most important countries of origin about repatriation and the prevention of improper migration to Europe and the Netherlands.

Asylum seekers from safe countries will in future receive a letter immediately after their asylum application has been refused. This will state clearly that they have a duty to leave the Netherlands, that they have no right anymore to reception and that an entry ban will be imposed on them for two years to the whole of the EU. If they cause any trouble in the meantime they will receive an area restriction order, or they may be placed in alien custody or receive a prison sentence.

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