Albanian escorts take Albanian foreign nationals back to Albania

Today a government flight deported 51 Albanian foreign nationals to their country of origin. As well as the 21 Albanian foreign nationals from the Netherlands, there were also some from Belgium and Luxembourg on the flight. The notable aspect of the flight was that the foreign nationals were transferred in Brussels. Albanian escorts then took the foreign nationals to Albania.

Over 1800 Albanians demonstrably left the Netherlands in 2016. Almost 1300 more Albanians left independently. These foreign nationals left both of their own volition and compulsorily. These people included not only rejected asylum seekers, but also those who were staying illegally in the Netherlands.

In 2016 approximately 1650 Albanians came to the Netherlands and applied for asylum. During the first months of 2016 there were over 200 asylum applications a month. Since September there have been fewer than 100 asylum applications.

Many of these Albanians come to Western Europe looking for better economic prospects. But their asylum applications have no chance of success as Albania, like other countries in the Western Balkans, is on the list of safe countries of origin. That means that the asylum application is fast-tracked for settlement. These foreign nationals are also given an entry ban for the Netherlands and the rest of the European Union for a period of two years.

The Netherlands greatly appreciates the outstanding cooperation in the area of migration and repatriation. Last year the Netherlands and Albania agreed that deportations could henceforth be arranged in groups and not only using scheduled flights.

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