Current asylum and migration figures available online

Since the end of June 2017, the Ministry of Security and Justice has published open datasets on asylum and migration. These include current figures relating to the themes of Departure, Admission for asylum, Admission for work, study or family purposes, and Reception. These immigration figures are available on the website and are updated monthly. By publishing the open datasets, the Ministry of Security and Justice is working to create a more open and transparent government.

Open data

Open data meet three conditions: the data are technically open, economically open and legally open. This means that the data are available online without any ICT barriers. In addition, the files are computer-readable, free to download and free of copyright or third-party rights. The open datasets are therefore an excellent source for journalists seeking current figures on asylum and migration, in addition to existing publications such as the monthly Key Figures for Asylum and Migration (Kerncijfers Asiel en Migratie), Asylum Trends and the six-monthly Report on Asylum and Migration (Rapportage Vreemdelingenketen).