Does the government help asylum seekers who want to leave the Netherlands?

Yes. Asylum seekers who want to leave the Netherlands are assisted by the Departure and Repatriation Service (DT&V). Such help can take the form of booking a ticket or giving them money for the return journey.

Departure application form

Aliens who want to leave the Netherlands can fill in a departure application form on the DT&V website. They will then be helped by a member of DT&V staff, who will establish what assistance they need and inform them of the possibilities for assistance.

Return projects

The government runs various projects to encourage asylum seekers to return to their country of origin. The projects provide assistance, in the Netherlands or the country of origin, to help asylum seekers set up a business or follow a course of education, for example. Read more about how the Dutch government helps people to return.

You can find more information about return and departure on the DT&V website.