Airports in the Netherlands stimulate the economy and provide many employment opportunities. The Netherlands has various airports of which Schiphol is the largest. Airports link the Netherlands to the rest of the world and make a contribution to economic growth.

Many companies profit from the business activities at airports. Not just the airlines that use the airports, but also groundside departments, security firms, catering companies, and shops that sell goods on both sides of the customs check. There are also companies that, although they are not active at the airport itself, do provide goods and services to the airport.


Schiphol is one of Europe's largest airports. It is a major driver of the Dutch economy. The airport is an important hub for international flights. Every year, around 50 million passengers pass through Schiphol Airport.

Selective growth for Schiphol with a view to the environment

The cabinet is aiming to realise a robust network of connections with the major cities and regions of the world. Schiphol is therefore given room to grow into a competitive and sustainable airport.

Such growth entails selective development aimed at maintaining space at Schiphol for mainport-related traffic, and dealing with other traffic at regional airports as much as possible. In addition, measures are being implemented to limit the nuisance for the surrounding area. The airport may only grow within the norms set for noise nuisance and the burden on the environment.

Dutch airports of national importance

Apart from Schiphol, the Netherlands has four other airports that are of national importance. These airports too are links in the international network that connects the Netherlands to the rest of the world.

The military air base at Eindhoven is also used for civil aviation.

The above airports fall under the responsibility of the state.

The Netherlands also has a further twelve airports that are of regional importance. These are public airports that receive virtually no international flights and whose main role concerns the regional economy. These airports fall under the responsibility of the province in which they are situated.