Can I still take goods to and bring goods back from the United Kingdom after Brexit?

31 December: The information on this page has been updated on the basis of the agreement on the new partnership between the European Union and the United Kingdom. The Dutch government is currently analysing the agreement in more detail. This means that the information on this website may change in the period ahead.

Yes, you can still do this, but from 2021 the rules are different.

Bringing goods into the UK from the Netherlands

Whenever you bring goods into the UK, they will be subject to UK border controls. You can find out more on the UK government website

Bringing goods into the Netherlands from the UK

Whenever you bring goods into the Netherlands, they will be subject to Dutch border controls. From 2021, if you wish to bring goods with you from the UK, different customs rules will apply. You may also experience more in-depth customs controls than you were previously used to when entering the Netherlands. Visit the Tax and Customs Administration website for more information (Dutch).