Could there be a shortage in The Netherlands of the medical devices I need after Brexit?

Medical devices include insulin syringes, blood glucose meters, wheelchairs, implants, blood bags and surgical thread. For more information, see medical devices (Dutch).


  • If the UK leaves the EU with a withdrawal agreement, the availability of your medical devices will not be affected.

No deal

  • In the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, certain medical devices may become less readily available, due to delays at the border for example.
  • Certificates for some devices may also no longer satisfy European Union rules because the UK is no longer a member state.
  • If the device you require is already in stock at your healthcare institution, your care provider or their suppliers, it can still be used after Brexit. If not, they can offer an alternative product that does meet the requirements.
  • If there is no alternative and this would result in a life-threatening situation, the government can authorise the use of the medical device even though it does not satisfy all the legal requirements. Arranging an exemption is time-consuming and subject to strict conditions.
  • The Dutch government is of course working with healthcare institutions, manufacturers and the EU to prevent problems after the UK’s withdrawal.