I am a British researcher. How will Brexit impact my right of residence/grants/financing?

December 24th, 4 pm 2020: The information on this page will possibly be updated in accordance with the partnership between the EU and the UK.

Up to and including 31 December 2020 a transition period is in place. Nothing will change for you during this period. You will retain your right to reside in the Netherlands. You will also retain any research grants and financing you have. All EU agreements and rules will still apply to the UK during this period. After 31 December 2020 the situation may change, depending on the arrangements agreed by the UK and the EU on the UK’s participation in the Horizon Europe programme. 

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If new agreements are made

During the transition period, the EU and the UK will negotiate the details of their future relationship. Discussions about the UK’s participation in Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe form part of these negotiations. If the UK continues to participate in the Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe programmes, what grants, funding and forms of exchange are available will depend on the exact agreements made. 

If no new agreements are made

If no new agreements are made, researchers working for British institutions will no longer be able to make use of Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe funding in the same way. 

Right of residence

For information about your right of residence see ‘Can I still live and work in the Netherlands after Brexit?’.