Will I still receive Dutch social security benefits after Brexit?

If an agreement is concluded (‘deal’ scenario). Yes. Under the withdrawal agreement, UK citizens who have right of residence in The Netherlands are entitled to equal treatment with regard to social security.*

*Arrangements on citizens’ rights are not yet final

This answer is based on the provisions covering citizens’ rights in the withdrawal agreement. The UK government and the 27 remaining EU member states have endorsed this agreement. Now, the European Parliament and the British parliament must approve it. Only after that will the arrangements enter into force.

If no agreement is concluded (‘no deal’ scenario)

The Netherlands already made a special provision, just in case the EU and the UK will still not succeed in reaching an agreement. This in order to avoid negative impacts of a no deal on social benefit payments, which UK citizens who have right of residence in The Netherlands have a right to on Brexit-day, as much as possible.

Check the Brexit page of the UWV site (in Dutch) for more information about a UWV social benefit payment. For more information about SVB social benefit payments and social security matters after the Brexit, please check the SVB website.