Will my UK driving licence still be valid in the Netherlands after Brexit?

Until 31 December 2020 a transition period will be in place. During this period your UK driving licence will still be valid in the Netherlands, as all EU agreements and rules will still apply. After 31 December 2020 the situation may change, depending on what the UK and the EU agree.

During the transition period

Until 31 December 2020 all current EU agreements and rules will still apply. If you have a UK driving licence and come to live in the Netherlands during the transition period, you may continue to drive on that licence until the end of the transition period.

During this period you can exchange your UK driving licence for a Dutch driving licence. To do this, your licence must be valid during the transition period. The same conditions apply as for exchanging driving licences issued in EU countries. You will not need to retake your theory or practical driving test.

When you exchange your licence you can choose to either replace it or renew it.

  • If you replace your UK driving licence, you will get a Dutch driving licence that expires on the same day as your old UK licence. The advantage of replacing [Noot vertaler: in NL staat ‘omwisselen’, maar het gaat juist om een voordeel van vervangen t.o.v. vernieuwen (allebei een soort omwisselen)] your licence is that you will not need to submit a declaration of medical fitness to the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR). It is also much quicker than renewing a licence. We recommend that you choose this option.
  • If you renew your UK licence, the Dutch licence you receive will have a new validity period. For car driving licences (B) the maximum validity period is 10 years and for large goods vehicle and van/bus driving licences (C and D) it is 5 years. The validity period may be shorter than the maximum for medical reasons. To renew your licence you may need to submit a declaration of medical fitness to the CBR.

You can apply to exchange your driving licence at the municipality where you live. More information about the procedure for exchanging a driving licence is available on the website of the Road Transport Agency (RDW).

If new agreements are made

During the transition period the EU and the UK will negotiate the details of their future relationship. This may include agreements on whether a UK driving licence can still be exchanged after the transition period. This will become clear at some point in 2020.

If no new agreements are made

If no new agreements are made, it will no longer be possible to exchange a UK driving licence for a Dutch driving licence. Go to the RDW website to see what other options there are.